Cate & Chloe VIP February 2014 Subscription Box Review

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Cate and Chloe is a jewelry company that focuses on versatile, timeless pieces that women can wear every day.  Their VIP subscription has been on my radar for awhile now as one I wanted to try, so when Cate & Chloe offered to send me an item to review, you know I said yes!IMG_1265

The Box: Cate & Chloe VIP

  • Get two high-quality jewelry items each month, with a combined retail value of over $200
  • Items are shipped out twice each month – receive one item every two weeks (one month = two shipments)
  • One item each month will be an exclusive pre-release item, not yet available for sale
  • For a limited time, receive an additional free gift item with your initial sign up (get a total of 3 items your first month)

Additional benefits are offered for VIP members, such as free shipping on the Cate & Chloe site (you’ll receive your own individual free shipping code) and 20% off a C&C item, including sale items.  The also offer exchanges on any items you get that you don’t love, which is awesome!

The Cost: $39.99/month

Cate & Chloe kindly sent me this package to review.

The Goods:


Info Card

Since this was a review package, I received one piece of jewelry – your first package will include an additional gift item, so you’ll get two pieces!

My package came in a standard mailer (not pictured) and shipped via USPS.  It only took about 3 days to get to me; it showed up on Valentine’s Day, and definitely made my day a little sweeter!  The packaging inside was a super cute silver box, tied with a big black bow.  Inside was my jewelry item and a personalized envelope (with my name on it) containing the info card and a handwritten note.  I love those personal touches that show there was an actual person involved with your shipment!


Inside the adorable jewelry box was my jewelry item – the Tallulah “Abundance” Drop Necklace:


This is a really pretty silver and crystal necklace that is totally my style!  The description on the website says this necklace is a 1.5 ct t.w. “faux diamond” on an 18″ sterling silver chain, and retails for $120.  I love the simplicity of this necklace, and while I typically prefer gold jewelry, necklaces like these are the rare exception where I like silver better (I think it shows off the sparkle more).

A close-up of the pendant from their website:

cate and chloe tallulah abundance drop pendant

Cate & Chloe Tallulah Abundance Drop Pendant

I will say that my package didn’t include any info on the item received – I was able to identify it later on their website, and got the info from there.  Since one piece each month will be a pre-release and not yet up on the site, it would be nice to see some info on each item included in each package.  Hopefully that will be coming in the future.


A quick note on pricing: I have read some other reviews that dispute the “$200+ value” claim of this subscription.  Here’s how I feel about that – jewelry is one of those weird things that is worth whatever people will pay for it.  I have seen the simplest jewelry sell for $500+, just because someone somewhere decided it was “cool,” and so people pay for it.

Would I pay $120 for this necklace? No, but I will rarely pay $40 for a necklace, which is why I love getting my jewelry through subscriptions.

Would R buy this for me at $120? Maybe.

Can I totally see other people buying this for $120 and being happy with it? Yes.

The bottom line is this necklace costs $120, and with the subscription it would have essentially cost me $20 (half the monthly subscription).  Even if you could find this on sale (I have seen similar C&C pieces on Little Black Bag for around the $50-$60 mark), this is still a better deal.  I will absolutely wear it, and love having something a bit different to add to my collection, that I know I will still be able to wear in 5 years.


The Verdict: I absolutely love the piece I was sent, and was impressed with the quality.  It is definitely something that can be worn everyday, but is also nice enough to wear as a “special occasion” piece. I like that this subscription is a bit different from the others out there, that typically send more “trendy” pieces that are fun, but not as universal.  Cate & Chloe has a simpler, classy style to their pieces that I appreciate.  I think a VIP subscription would be a great gift for anyone who prefers more elegant jewelry, or for the special lady in your life.  This would be a great gift for guys to gift their ladies, because the pieces have a bit more of that “romantic gift” feel to them, and it’s pretty low-risk, as items can be exchanged.

I was very impressed with my first piece from Cate & Chloe, and I may need to move my subscription budget around a little so I can fit in a VIP subscription of my own.  As I mentioned, I was aware of this subscription previously, and several times had *almost* subscribed (as in, put it in my cart and filled out my information) but kept putting it off because I hadn’t seen too many reviews out there and honestly, it seemed a little too good to be true.  But after having had the chance to get a small taste of their product myself, I can confidently say that I think this is a great deal, a great service, and from everything I’ve experienced so far, a great company to do business with.  It is definitely moving up my short-list of new subscriptions.

What do you think of Cate & Chloe VIP?


Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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